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ESRI Developer

Charlotte, NC
Detailed job description: (Required)
ESRI Developer. Workers at this level manage work in application areas of specialization, with moderate supervision. They are knowledgeable of design concepts and procedures. They identify problems, develop solutions and take actions to resolve. Typical Functions: Maintains and enhances existing ESRI applications. Troubleshoots and debugs applications, including user and system interface functionality. Collaborates with cross-functional teams and clients to define, design and deliver enhancements, new applications, and technical solutions that meet the needs of the company, its clients, and the end users. Configures a design that satisfies business requirements and desired specifications. Implements modifications based on received direction. Programs on the ESRI platform, assists with testing and migrating code through test regions. Follows appropriate design, coding and source control standards. Participates in design and code walk-thru as a presenter.

Required Qualifications:
Work experience in of at least 1-4 years as an Application Developer or equivalent
Experience working in an Agile environment.
One year coding/programming, trouble-shooting, problem-solving
1+ years ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience working with Web service configuration and map design SQL, Python, or FME
Demonstrated ability to work with others having differing priorities/views/goals than your own
Effective communication skills
Experience with application of Enterprise Standards, and Process Adherence

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